Paintings by Andy Thomas

Andy Thomas (The Storyteller) was born in Murfreesboro, TN, but has spent most of his life in Carthage, MO. He earned a bachelor's degree in marketing management from Missouri Southern State University, graduating Magna Cum Laude. While largely self-taught as an artist, he draws influences from many artists, including Frederick Remington, Norman Rockwell, Howard Pyle, and Richard Schmid.

His work is held in numerous museum, corporate, and national park collections. Many of his paintings have been featured in movies, documentaries, books, and book covers.

Andy's influence on the American narrative spans a broad range of subject matter, encompassing western narrative, the Civil War, maritime themes, presidential portraits, and political party series paintings. His storytelling exceeds the bounds of time and place, providing each character in his story with personality and emotion.

"Remington Goes West"




By 1885, Frederic Remington had lost his inheritance in a sheep farm, a hardware store, and a saloon. His wife left and moved back to New York. This is a moment in history when he bought a horse, went west, and became an artist. What if he never went West?

"Contemplative Hunter"




Life is busy and many times we hunt for answers when they are right there with us. The reflections of the image and in life bring us the calmness to relax and breathe. There is nothing better than to feel the silence.

"Bet on 11 "




The art of horse racing and the anatomy of a horse are two incredible subjects. The much-needed jockey, the strength and speed of the horse brings man and horse together at the finish line.

Was there any doubt that so many people would love this sport?

"Chief Shenandoah, I Love Your Daughter"




Chief Shenandoah was a tall, stately man. Can you imagine a scruffy, bearded fur trader asking to marry his daughter? This painting will always bring the tune “O Shenandoah” to your mind which is presumed to refer to Oneida Chief Shenandoah.

"Jaguar "

6 x 6



When you paint large oils it is refreshing to occasionally create small watercolors. What better than a powerful Jaguar? Watercolors exude looseness and as powerful as the Jaguar may be, this image is relaxing.

Testimonials from Andy's Collectors

  • "Andy Thomas is a world-famous artist. He came to a class one day and said, “I quit my job, I want to be an artist!” At that time artist, Bob Tommey was giving art lessons. Andy spent many hours with Bob late into the night learning color blending and creating art.

    Andy is a gentle, quiet man and his dream was coming true with the gift from God to be an artist. He was so thrilled when his art was admired by everyone, and then his first piece sold. Andy worked hard and he was very much dedicated to painting. He was and is still a very dedicated artist. To this day he is still doing his art for others to enjoy.

    Carthage is blessed to have a fine artist with determination and dedication to do the most important work of his life." - Sandy, Founding Director of artCentral, gallery owner, and directed many art shows in Carthage, MO.

  • "I have enjoyed and collected Andy Thomas’s paintings for many years now. I continue to enjoy “living” with them, and frequently stop to study, and really get into the story he is telling. His paintings are not ones that you casually walk by – no, you are drawn into the fun, exciting, difficult, insightful story they tell. Andy is a master storyteller of the American West – with all its hard work, gun fights, Indian attacks, love stories, dance halls, cattle rustlers and ladies of the night.

    I am thinking that if we could display Andy’s paintings in school history classes – the students would love it and really get interested in America’s history lessons." - Linda , Texas.

  • "Several years ago I discovered your work and talent in Cumming, Georgia. I walked into a gallery and framing studio and on the wall was one of your incredible president paintings... "The Republican Club". I do not remember if it was a giclee or a print, however, it was an epiphany in many ways for me because I saw up close the details and brush strokes of a master. As a child and young adult, I idolized and revered Norman Rockwell, and as I have become older and an artist myself, I admire your great work. " - Alan, North Carolina