Paintings by Tim Breaux

Tim Breaux, originally from Louisiana, received a bachelor of science degree in Pharmacy from the University of Louisiana, Monroe, before relocating to Southwest Missouri in 1995.

He is a signature member and mentor for the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society and a signature member of the Heartland Art Club. His work has been featured in numerous magazine articles, one man shows and invitational events across the United States.

Tim remains steadfast in his commitment to firsthand observation of nature, deeming it essential for authentically capturing its essence on canvas. His artworks stand as a testament to his unwavering allegiance to realism, portraying scenes with a nuanced understanding of the natural world.

"Bushwhack Aspens"

15 x 10 inches



I found this scene above Santa Fe in a steep area called Big Tesuque. The little stream cascaded over rocks and downed trees and created waterfalls on its way down to the small town of Tesuque, NM. There is a trail not far from the stream but I chose to bushwhack up the grade next to the stream. Everything was infused with light and warmth from the fall color.

"Alberta Falls"

40 x 30 inches



In Glacier Gorge the waters deepen
And icy currents travel
Past loch of lore and misty vale
With trails and tales to fashion

As names and fame passed by the way
Where Abner found and settled
Near smoke and lake and cabin hailed
His wife, his love, his passion

Upon the torrent he cast her name
And all who passed would marvel
For the one for whom Alberta’s fame
And name rest on the chasm

All paint or view her rock and spruce
Where sound and waters revel
And new names hike up to the vale
With hopes and dreams to fathom

"Lake View Mountain"

11 x 14 inches



I am a big fan of Edgar Payne. His eye for composition and color palette is amazing. In this study I combined my own composition with a color palette based on several color studies I completed.

"The Heron"

30 x 48 inches



The cypress swamp is a special place that can be simultaneously quiet, still, and alive. Fallen cypress trees serve as silent witnesses to the passage of generations. In this stillness, a heron gracefully takes flight, traversing the bayou with a hushed elegance.

"Leatherwood Lily Pads"

30 x 40 inches



There is a special time between light and dark when everything seems more real and beautiful. A frog jumps in the pond as you approach. There is a swirl in the water just under the surface. You pause and slow your breathing to take in this special time and place, before the darkness steals the moment.

Testimonials from Tim's Collectors

  • "One of our greatest opportunities has been to own several of Tim Breaux’s creations. Without a doubt, his work is exceptional. We are grateful for his sharing of talent. " - Jay and Mary, from Prosper, Tx

  • "I highly recommend Tim Breaux for his beautiful oil painting style. Tim’s depth of colors and exquisite brushwork bring movement and life to each of his pieces. Tim is also a skillful and approachable teacher making him an invaluable member of the art community." - Selby, from Bentonville, Ar

  • "I was drawn to Tim's Aspen paintings - particularly, his ability to subtly mix elements of Realism, Impressionism, and Abstract Art along with excellent portrayals of light and shadows. After not finding the exact size and composition I needed for two spaces in my home, Tim offered to personally view the spaces, then work-up mini samples of possibilities allowing me to select from various configurations and styles. Tim provided excellent suggestions for each space, and the entire process was extremely efficient and helpful, and I am now the proud owner of two very individualized and distinctly different works by Tim."- Roger, from Monroe, La